Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tiny Pop Post

My interview from the New York Television Festival is on Pop17 today!!

Starts about 50 seconds in.

Watch me take 9 seconds to search for and find the word "publisher." Guess I'm going to work on boning up on my interview skills... mostly I think I was just mesmerized by the adorableness of Sarah Austin.



  1. I saw a youtube video of yours, Neuroses in D, and I felt compelled to tell directly you have restored part of my faith in humanity.

    Thank You. Please, Never Stop.

    Subscribed to your feed,
    -Dominic Gwinn

  2. Agreed! That song is awesome, and you should vote for it on lisanovalive.com. Hooray for Hannah.

  3. I just watched Flying Solo on Lifetime... very cool. Good luck! If it doesn't work out with Myles, I'm available (HaHa)... www.myspace.com/k_wolfnot

  4. Is there no way I can watch Flying Solo? I'm not in the United States and it won't let me. You should find a way because I'm pretty influential in Lithuania. I could open up whole new markets ;)

  5. you were nervous, but in general you have more personality & talent in your pretty little finger than that future (if she's lucky) weather girl/news reading barbie doll. Don't forget that.. good luck with everything. :)