Sunday, July 27, 2008

music and mini picture post

Did a great gig tonight on a ferry. The crowd was eerily boisterous, like we were not only playing their favorite song but also curing their favorite fatal disease in the meantime and in perfect modulating harmonies.

This is me trying to look cool with a big twisty piece of metal coming out of my face.

And here is a picture of me fucking up a bass line really badly and cringing. "God I hope that wasn't as loud as it sounds" I think. The perfect time to snap a picture.

Mom and Sam are watching a documentary on the Galapagos while I try to write, or rather, try to try to write, because clearly now I'm not writing the book I'm writing the blog and I blame that on you. Whoever you are.

This is Sam, totally unable to be silent for even 3 fucking seconds, crafting a musical instrument out of water glasses arranged by pitch based on their volume


  1. hannah!

    tell me about your book! i want to write a book too...or right now just "write" in the vaguest terms...mostly i am just asking to be a part of your community of writers.

    how is your post-yale life?


  2. KK!

    I miss you I miss you where the heck are you? I would of course be honored if you would be a part of the, erm, C.O.W., and if you feel inspired you can come up with a much more elegant name for in than that.

    The book is coming out in '09 with HCI (they do the chicken soup for the soul books) and it'll be, as they requested, a "teen memoir." I am totally psyched but also am having a mini nervous breakdown about once every other day as I have still not learned to just sit down and write without screwing around for hours telling myself I'm never going to be able to finish while I watch crappy television and stalk facebook profiles.

    Post Yale is hard because I'm at home and as much as I loved to bitch about New Haven I also must admit it was nice to have things on my own terms, even if those terms involved term papers. I can't believe I'm actually admitting to missing New Haven... remember Roomba? And wine tastings with Master Haller? And sustainable Thursdays? And those scary bums who hung out near blockbuster? *sigh* the good old days.

    I heard terribly exciting things about you through our friendly Parisian Puerto Rican ZS but I'd like them all confirmed and in more detail and in your beautiful voice (or at least beautiful font) So keep me posted re: post Yale.

    Others, feel free to keep KK and I company in our post-college postings.